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Contact Noel Spring  Noel Spring (318) 549-6640 Art Teacher

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The Ram-A-Rama yearbook is published BY students, FOR students at T.O.Rusheon Middle School. This yearbook features students, faculty, administration, staff, various school activities, special events, groups and clubs. Several candid pictures and special moments that makes our school such a special place! Yearbook is an elective class that teaches students teamwork, responsibility, creativity, and leadership. Students have the opportunity to enhance their writing skills, learn how to create layouts, and sale ads. 


Do you have photos you would like used in the yearbook????  If so, please email them to!



Yearbook Sponsor

My name is Noel Spring and I am the Yearbook Sponsor for T.O. Rusheon Middle School. I am so excited to work with my staff to get some amazing pictures and create a wonderful memory for students to cherish for many years to follow.  If you have any questions regarding the Yearbook, please feel free to contact me or call my classroom at 318.549.6668. 

Yearbook Staff Criteria:

1.     G.P.A. of  2.5 or higher

2.     2 Teacher recommendations

3.     Only 7th and 8th graders are 
         allowed to apply

4.     Approved by the Administration

5.     Strong participation in group 
         events and fundraisers


food drive